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Title: Meiki Plush DX Review - The plush doll evolution continues!
Post by: Die on December 03, 2017, 05:01:40 PM
Hi all,

It's hard to believe the original ("OG") Meiki Plush is already five years old! Man, time flies. :) When I saw TD's new DX version, I had to buy it. I've been waiting forever for a real upgrade, and I use the plush doll at least 2x a week, so this was a must buy (pre-order) for me. I know a "review" isn't really needed -- you usually either want one of these or you don't -- but I'm super excited about this toy, I thought to write a review.

Hope you find this useful. :)

Delivery / Unboxing


The DX arrived early December and was packaged pretty nice by TD in a good sized box! The DX box is noticeably bigger than the OG Plush box (Vertical, Newest Rev.). Oh, and nope! I didn't re-tape my OG box back just to take this, ignore that Scotch tape please. :)

A Closer Look


Together with an all-time favorite, 008 Hibiki! Her default stance is with her arms together in the middle. The arms can be moved but tend to fall back into place unless they're being obstructed.

Estimated Measurements:


There is a zipper on the back. It gives us another option to insert a toy. It's a little tight, it may need to be broken in, so I just insert the toy from the vaginal entrance for now. I was worried the sleeve would "push up" from the v. entrance all the way to the zipper while in action, but I can tell you this does not happen thankfully and it stays put!

Dress Up


Wig Cap Size: Average
Bra Size: ~32D (one cup size larger than OG's 32C)
Panties Size: Small, thighs are a bit thicker on DX, but still fit good!

Outfit Ideas: Babydolls, Teddies, Tops/Shirts, Cosplay, Uniforms, and of course Wigs and Masks! You can forego everything, except the wig so she doesn't look "bald"! For wigs, I think cosplay or regular synthetic wigs are the best fit. You can find great quality "cosplay wigs" for only ~$10-20 on Amazon/eBay/etc. It's worth it! No need to go over $30+ on the fancier lace front, human hair, etc (IMO).

While the face comes blank, you can fantasize about anyone easily. Come on, we all have crushes, "friends," coworkers, classmates, etc. :) Your imagination is the limit!

Lights, Camera, Action! (Functionality / Positions)


I was worried with the DX that we would be trading in a bit of functionality due to having the new head and arms (to "manage" them). But nope! I was able to transition from different positions quick and easy, from missionary to cowgirl, to side to side, no issue. The Lotus position (holding each other) is now better than ever as well because you can have her arms on your shoulders!

There were a few times I had to "adjust" the arms, but this maybe took like 5 seconds. Of course if she has a wig you have to be careful it doesn't fall off. I recommend a short wig with removable pigtail clips. She is a bit bigger/taller, so there's also that added heft, but don't worry, overall, it's going to be just as nice as the OG, but BETTER in certain areas! The thighs "seem" thicker, so cowgirl may feel a tad different.

I just have to mention, for the first time, I am able to get off without porn! Before with the OG, I always had to have pornography on to fantasize. Now with the DX and a nice outfit, this is not needed! So the doll can help with our porn addictions :) And if you have a big door or closet mirror, I highly recommend banging the doll in front of it so you can see her reflection. It makes the experience 10x better and almost looks like you're banging a real woman!

One example was after going to see my dentist, a 30s something Asian. And I was feeling her that day, so I put a black wig on my DX and the surgical mask and pretended it was her, and it was so awesome. One of the best orgasms I had in my life and no porn whatsoever!


I think the DX hole feels a little "tighter" for sleeves; don't worry, you can still insert dual layer toys, like the camel-toe goddess 007 Sarah above! The single layer toys are the best of course.  I use a plastic bag or plastic wrap around the sleeve and it just slides right in. I'm not sure if a Girl in the Box or bigger will fit as easily as in the OG. Breaking her in may help! :)

XOXO (Hugs and Kisses)


The foreplay and huggability factors have improved so much. Whereas before with the OG, it always felt "one-sided" when you hugged it, with the DX and her now full upper body with movable arms, it feels much more like you're holding a real person because you can adjust her arms to be around you too. I do wish she had full legs, but you really forget about that while you're banging her. The way her head bobs up and down in cowgirl is very cute. :)

Clean Up on Aisle DX


Don't worry about clean up! I keep two bottles, one with a ratio of Tide Laundry Detergent + Distilled Water and the other with just 100% Distilled Water. I just do a pass with each by spraying solution on a paper towel to wipe her down. It does take maybe 1-2 minutes longer to clean her due to the bigger body (and she now has armpits too!), but overall about the same experience. Downy Liquid Ultra Fabric Conditioner is excellent for caring for the wigs too!

And when finished, you can stash her back in her box and store in the closet. No one has to ever find out. Make sure to keep that box! :)


I can't wait to see what the future holds in the doll-o-sphere. Ultra-realistic robots that are even better than the real thing?! Bring it on! :)

For me, my "dream" doll has always been a silicone Orient Petite Jewel. Made in Japan, and starting at around 600,000 JPY ($5000+), delicate, and perhaps impractical to own/hide, it's always just been a far-off fantasy. (One day...!)

But for now, this doll has actually EXCEEDED my expectations.  I love this doll! With the OG, it just felt like a headless torso, while I loved the hands-free action, I didn't feel connected to "it" and had to have visual stimulation to get off.  With the DX,  it's a "her" and I feel is fair to be called a "love doll." It's more real. It's the next level I've been waiting 5 years for! It showed me that I do want a love doll, and I am definitely now considering a silicone love doll soon.

There are other options out there like the Love Venus ($300+), Fairy Doll ($400-600), and life-sized 130+cm TPE/Silicon dolls starting at around $1000, but I think the DX at its price point is a really great buy.

The DX is filling the void of a functional, discreet, and cost-effective "love doll" -- and that's why it deserves an ALMOST perfect score.

Title: Re: Meiki Plush DX Review - The plush doll evolution continues!
Post by: Pattaraporn on October 09, 2018, 08:15:32 PM
There is a lot to be developed! wowww!!