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Title: **ToyDemon Props Reward Program** "Updated with T-Shirt Promotion"
Post by: ToyDemon on January 03, 2012, 02:19:06 PM
With the launch of the new forum, ToyDemon would also like to introduce a new Props Reward Program on the forum.

ToyDemon realizes that having a great community to talk and share our hobbies is very important. We have awesome members that spend time to help others with their questions and products, so we thought why not reward our members for helping others out?

When a fellow forum member posts something of interest to you (reviews, new products, and etc.), or has helped you with questions that you asked. Feel free to click on the "Like" button under their name and help them accumulate Props! When enough Props are gathered, you can then redeem them for GC code to use on the ToyDemon Shop!

Rules for Props Redemption:
- Redemptions are in amounts of 50 Props, i.e. 50 Props for $5 GC to use on
- Please PM ToyDemon for redemption. Subject line of the private message needs to be: Props Redemption.
- Props will be deducted after a redemption has taken place.
- Please do not abuse the Props system. All redemptions are at the discretion of ToyDemon. If we feel that there's any false Props given, the redemption will be denied.

Please do not abuse the "Like" button to falsely build Props. We might take away the whole program if we feel that the Props system is being abused.

We hope that this will encourage more fellow Demons to share their thoughts!
Title: Re: **ToyDemon Props Reward Program** "Updated with T-Shirt Promotion"
Post by: ToyDemon on May 09, 2012, 03:02:19 PM
Here at ToyDemon Forum we want to add a little bit more incentive for the Props reward program.

Starting now, any forum member that writes a review on the forum for a product that they have purchased from, will automatically receive 10 props from the admin.

Here are the guide lines:

Review Format (Please use 0.5 point increments for the score.)

1. Brief paragraph introducing the product you bought and used. Pictures would be great.

2. Brief paragraph talking about sensation/exterior/interior, followed by a score/10.

3. Brief paragraph talking about its maintenance such as prepping before use and cleaning after use and score/10.

4. Overall Score out of 10. List your likes and dislikes and recommendations.

Please do not try to spam reviews for props. Try to be specific and give useful input.

For example, don't just say:

Sensation: It feels great.

If it feels like a quick spam review for props, your post will be deleted and you will not be rewarded the 10 props for writing the review.

Now for the good stuff: (Limited time only!!)

For 50 props, you can redeemed a ToyDemon T-shirt!

You will not be able to buy this t-shirt anywhere, not even on

We have the t-shirts in sizes S/M/L/XL, so please PM ToyDemon and let us know your size and shipping address.


Please allow ToyDemon a couple of days to look over your post/review. If it's not deleted, you will receive your props.

Also, please note that the T-shirt is a limited time only promotion. If we run out of the size you want, please choose another size. Once we run out of T-shirts, this promotion is over!