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Title: Tenga vs Fleshlight opinion
Post by: Thisguy1 on July 23, 2011, 09:08:07 AM
So, after searching here all over the net, i found a lot of people asking "Which is better, Tenga or Fleshlight?"  Well, i couldnt find a lot of info anywhere i looked.  I would guess its because,presumably, if you have one, you probably dont have the other.  Well i have owned a fleshlight for around 6 months now, and i wanted something different, so i ordered the tenga flip air solid black from TD and it arrived earlier this week.  So i thought i'd post a comparison of my opinion on the two.

So..Pros / Cons:


First Impressions:

Packaging:  Nice tin..very nice..good quality.
Size:  Holy crap this thing is huge...i have a lamp on my nightstand thats smaller than this.  Its a little awkward to use unless you use two hands.
Smell:  Light on the smell..i hardly even remember it.
Look:  Noone is going to think this thing is a flashlight  The orifices look a bit trashy...if they open the cap to see what it really is..its very frikkin obvious.  And regardless of the orifice you have..mouth/vag/ass..its not something you want your gf/wife/mom finding.


Durability:  Fleshlight is made up of the plastic housing and the inner sleeve.  Besides the caps its basically a two piece setup.  Not a lot to break or go wrong here.
Sleeve Quality:  Soft, very soft.  Much closer to the real thing than the Tenga.
Options:  There are many many textures to the fleshlight and you can just buy new sleeves and switch them out as needed.
Quiet:  If you used it with someone in the next room..they probably wouldn't hear you.
Hands Free:  I wont get into it..but if youd rather give your hands a break..there are plenty of places you can stick this thing between and go at it.


Lube: depending on your orifice lube just comes right out of this thing..all over the place...
Loose:  I've only owned the vortex texture, but even entering this from the tighter end, its very loose  I'd attribute this to it being so soft.
Cleaning:  Due to its design this thing is nearly impossible to clean. You cant use water/soap, and no matter how much water you run through it, you're not going to get it completely clean, especially if you have a complex inner texture.  Always run rubbing alcohol through this thing after you think you've cleaned it well.  And ive let this thing set for almost a full day at a time and it still wasn't completely dry.  With that in mind..its not something you want to put away wet for bacteria to grow in.  This was a major reason i wanted to try the tenga.

Tenga Flip Air

First Impressions:

Packaging:  Cheap..but sleek and stylish.
Size:  It was smaller than i'd expected..even this non-lite version.  Very useable with just one hand.
Smell:  If you've ever used a tenga disposable..its pretty much the same smell as that.  Barely there...very non plastic/rubbery.
Look: Sleek, very discrete, not trashy..If you're worried about someone finding your sleeve this is what you want to go with.  Even if someone did come across it..and figured out what it was..i really don't think it'd be as embarrassing as a vag hanging out the front of an over-sized flashlight.
Texture  When i opened this thing up and felt the texture..i thought i was going to be disappointed.  Its nowhere near as soft as the fleshlight.  But i guess the solid black isn't supposed to be.  I found the harder texture to be very very enjoyable.  You feel all of the bumps and patterns in this thing, and it feels great.


Lube:  This thing does a good job of not getting it all over the lower half of your body.
Cleaning:  Flip it open...soap..water...sit and let dry.'re done.
Feel:  Wow..just wow...entering this thing all the way is a bit hard at first..i'd suggest holding its buttons down while entering..or maybe even holding down on the buttons and pressing down on the inner part while lubing it up.  Speaking of the buttons.  While you may be able to control suction on a fleshlight by screwing with the cap on the is NOTHING compared to the suction you get from the Tenga.  If you hold down the buttons while using this thing...then climax inside while releasing the will be unlike anything you've ever felt.  Just amazing.  Very intense.


Durability:  This is something im concerned about when it comes to the tenga.  The inner layer appears to be glued into the housing and over a layer of padding under that.  I haven't had any problems yet..but i'd be concerned about the sleeve starting to tear away from the housing.  Also, the hinge on the side that flips open appears to be all plastic.  I'd be a bit worried about this breaking after opening/closing a lot.
Noise:  Well...this thing makes all sorts of interesting sounds...With all that suction comes a big price.  And thats the sound of all that air coming in/going out.  You are not going to be able to use this thing with someone else around...even two rooms over unless you hold the buttons down the whole time you use it and take it slow.

So now that we've cleared out the pros/cons..So far i'd say that i like the tenga over the fleshlight.  One of the things that kept the fleshlight in my drawer was the mess it created..and the cleanup after..not fun at all.  I can see using the tenga much more often.  At times the fleshlight didnt do much for me because of how loose/soft it felt.  I enjoy the suction and snugness of the tenga so much more.

The tenga has a much better design, and it is over all a more sophisticated toy.  I dont care much for the whole vag/mouth/ass orifaces..they look trashy to me and dont do much for me at all.  Im very satisfied with my purchase.  And to you guys at TD.  Great delivery.  Will definitely be a repeat customer.

BTW.  I'm about 5 and a half to 5 and 3/4 inches in girth.  If you're a lot bigger than that id suggest going with the fleshlight.  The tenga is gonna be too small for you. 

So theres my opinion on the whole thing.  I hope this helped someone :)
Title: Re: Tenga vs Fleshlight opinion
Post by: swbhavin on August 15, 2015, 06:23:45 AM
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Title: Re: Tenga vs Fleshlight opinion
Post by: jonn on August 15, 2015, 08:45:56 AM
Interesting.  I've used fleshlights for many years and always ranked fleshlights at the top of the "easy to clean" list.  However I never saw the need to sterilize them or anything; just flush them out well with lots of warm water, run a finger around the inside from both ends, and let them sit on a shelf until the next time I want to use them.  That always worked well for me.  Now admittedly some do develop a mild "body odor" smell if they don't get used again for a week or two, no doubt caused by a bit of water trapped inside a complex texture.  But a quick water flush gets rid of that and nothing bad has ever come of this.  It has never bothered me.

Cleaning my toys actually got worse when I switched to onaholes a while back.  If you flip them inside out, it is stupidly easy to clean and dry them, but that is against the recommendations of most onahole manufacturers for obvious long-term durability reasons.  The problem is, these don't have an exit hole so you can't flush lots of water through them easily.  You can't even reach the end easily with a finger, despite the average onahole being much shorter than a fleshlight.  Despite this, I always manage to get them about as clean as a fleshlight and I have never used alcohol or anything else special on them.  Just water in the shower.  The lack of an exit hole also makes them dry out much slower.  Still, I've been using onaholes for a year and a half and they dont' develop any more of an odor than the fleshlights did.  Perhaps even less.

Now I had a look at the Tenga Flip Air and I have to agree, that one has a brilliant design for cleaning.  Being able to flip it open like a waffle iron would make it trivial to clean and dry.
Title: Re: Tenga vs Fleshlight opinion
Post by: toyman33 on August 16, 2015, 12:45:17 PM
Great comparison. I owned the Fleshlight Pink Lady with the default texture and didn't really find it to be that great.  Sure it felt good for the first minute  or two, but then I could barely feel the texture.  I then bouht the Flip Hole White.  WOW!  It felt ten times better than the Fleshlight IMO.  The Fleshlight is easy to clean, but the Flip Hole is even easier.  You definitely know you got it clean.  As to the durability of the Flip Hole, I've had mine for about 3-4 years and while I haven't used it much since discovering TD and the awesomeness that is the Meiki it has held up fairly well.  The only wear seems to be the rubber around the buttons has started to separate from the case, but that's all.  The hinge hasn't broke at all.  Like you I thought that would be the first thing to go.  If I had to choose a masturbator and could only choose between Fleshlight and Tenga it would be Tenga all the way.  Fleshlight is junk compared  to the Japanese offerings.
Title: Re: Tenga vs Fleshlight opinion
Post by: jonn on August 17, 2015, 07:53:07 AM
If you really had the default Fleshlight texture then I am not surprised you would prefer Tenga, or any other toy for that matter.  The default is just a smooth tunnel with no texture at all, and it is fairly loose besides!  It would be a challenge to build a less stimulating sex toy!
Title: Re: Tenga vs Fleshlight opinion
Post by: johnhiggin on August 17, 2015, 08:14:01 PM
I had a flip air and thought it was horrible as it was way too tight and I'm around 5.25 girth. The regular flip holes are for me, vastly superior to the flip air and fleshlights aren't even in the same solar system.

I first got fleshlights and thought they were the greatest thing but then I got the Tenga Flip white and realized fleshlights are nothing but mediocre toys that are heavily marketed and more popular than they should be simply because they're American and are known so well. Japanese/Asian toys are just a good amount better.